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All sessions booked on site and not through Groupon receive COMPLIMENTARY aromatherapy!




BodyWork Services


Swedish Infused Massage 



In a Swedish Infused Massage session you will receive integrative bodywork that uses Eastern and Western styles of massage( Swedish, Thai, Tui Na, Shiatsu) as well as lots of light stretching. Be prepared to have a blissful experience as you relax to the scents of aromatherapy, soothing sounds and a bit of education on how to take care of your body at the end so you will feel empowered to keep that long lasting blissful feeling after your massage!

60 Min Introductory Rate $65/Reg. $79


90 Min Introductory Rate $85/ Reg. $105



Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage x 10! A Himalayan Salt Stone Massage has all the benefits of a regular hot stone massage plus SO MUCH MORE!

Some benefits are:

    • Deeper penetration to problematic muscles

    • Lowers Blood Pressure

    •  Relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia

    • Added heat in your massage which allows for deeper relaxation

    • Mild exfoliant to the skin, removing dead skin cells and  allowing rejuvenation

    •  Improves circulation throughout the body

    •  Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses

    These are just a few of the benefits of receiving a Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Massage. Book your session today.


60 Min Introductory Rate $85/ Reg. $110

90 Min Introductory Rate $110/Reg. $140


CBD Infused Massage

Have achy, Chronic( 3 mths or longer), pessimistic muscles where pain just wont go away? Book a CBD Infused massage today. CBD has huge recognition and pull now in the wellness field due to it pain balancing inhibitors within. In our CBD infused massage you will be massaged with a topical CBD analgesic cream which is FDA-approved and completely THC FREE!. Completely organic, be ready to walk in with pain and leave PAIN-LESS!!


60 Min $90

90 Min $110

Add Ons

Himalayan Salt Hot Stone $25


Pamper yourself to the soothing stones of the Himalayan Salt. Not only do they allow deeper penetration to the musculature but they are also a mild exfoliant on the skin, balances and centers the body and replenishes vital supplements, minerals and negative ions back into the body!



Muscle Soothing Therapy (Biofreeze) $14


Have achy, pessimistic muscles? Biofreeze is for you! It is a cold therapy pain relief gel  used topically that starts off cool and ends warm on the skin and muscles. It allows deeper penetration to the musculature and has the same effects of a deep tissue massage. With active ingredients of menthol prepare to love up on your achy muscles. Really great for athletes, people in the gym or just very active adults.



CBD Topical Cream (Hemp- Derived NO THC) $25


There is a big craze around CBD Oils and creams now and I can truly understand why. CBD has long term effects of regulating the neurotransmitters and pain receptors in the body that recognize “pain”. Completely Hemp derived (no THC or testing postive on drug tests) this powerful analgesic cream works best on people who have chronic pain(pain lasting 6 months or longer). Whether that pain is from an autoimmune disease/disorder (fibromyalgia, lupus, etc) or if you are working with problematic muscles from a high intense job or career, CBD can bring relief in a matter of minutes! HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER and can be added to any massage!