Fully Loaded Protection Bundle


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I have formulated these protection bundle boxes for you all and this is the 4th one! It includes:

BOX #4

1. Protect Yo’ Peace Aura Spray (2 fl. Oz.)

2. Sage wand

3. Palo Santo Stick

4. Selenite wand (EMF protection)

5. Chunk of Raw Black Tourmaline (EMF protection)

6. Chunk of Raw Amethyst (EMF protection)

7. White candle

8. Immuno Booster Tea

9. Cone Incense

10. Holy Temple Incense sticks

11. Resin burner

12. Waistbeads

A $125 value for only $95!!!

All of the bundles will be listed on the site today!

DM me if you have questions