Mini Protection Bundle Box


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Greetings y’all,
I pray that everyone is staying sane, peaceful and reflective. I have been doing my part to detach from my everyday routine and become accustomed to what is a new for all of us. In my meditations I decided to offer A few things to you all as I’m sure everyone can use them. Not only to keep your physical space clear but your spiritual and your mental space as well. I have formulated these protection bundle boxes for you all and this is the 1st one! It includes:

BOX #1

1. Florida water (7.5 fl. Oz.)
2. Sage wand
3. Palo Santo Stick
4. Selenite wand (EMF protection)
5. Chunk of Raw Black Tourmaline (EMF protection)
6. Chunk of Raw Amethyst (EMF protection)
7. Cone incense
A $49 value for only $35!!!